My Philosophy and Approach

First of all, let me tell you a little bit more about the way that I would work with you.

My aim is always to help you get a better understanding of how our minds really work.  That way you’ll know what it is YOU need to do, to start moving forwards.

We won’t spend hours chatting about your childhood and history.  Sometimes it can be useful to think about how a past event is still having an affect on you today. For example, a bad childhood experience at the dentist can continue to bother you every time you visit the dentist now, even though you’re all grown-up.  But once we’ve dealt with it, we’ll move on.

I’m more interested in the “here and now” and how you’d like things to be in the future – because I know that this is going to help you the most.  Designing a new future is much more interesting and exciting than living in the past and I know I can put you back in the driving seat.

It’s not your fault!

Do you find yourself craving chocolate biscuits each time you decide to go on a diet?

Are you stuck with the miserable habit of smoking those hideously expensive cigarettes that deep down you loathe?

Do you keep biting your finger nails despite feeling ashamed of them?

And do you wish you could bite your tongue and feel calm and in control, instead of losing your rag and getting impatient with people?

The good news is:  it’s not entirely your fault!

And it’s not your fault that you can’t get that silly phobia out of your mind, even though you know there are no snakes under your bed, or that flying in an aeroplane is safer than driving to the shops.

And if feelings of panic and anxiety get the better of you, despite the fact that you’ve rehearsed something a million times over and really want to be at your best – that’s not your fault either.

We’ve all been there – and it’s so frustrating and annoying isn’t it?

You see, your mind is playing tricks on you and quite simply you’re living your life on an “auto-pilot” that no longer serves you well.  If indeed, it ever did.

The good news is – this can be fixed.  Understanding what affects these thoughts, feelings and behaviour, will enable you to switch off the faulty programming and change to using a better one.

It’s never too late to learn how to fulfil your potential – be it in the office, on the sports field, in your relationships or in the classroom.  Success and happiness are not accidents that happen to some people and not to others. YOU can create the results you want by deliberate ways of thinking and behaving.

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As a fully qualified and trained Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Advanced NLP Therapeutic Specialist, Thought Field Therapy Practitioner and Mindfulness teacher, it’s not surprising that I use a blend of the techniques and methods that I’ve acquired over the years.

I’m also a qualified Montessori Teacher and ran my own School for five years so I can also help parents and children.

Everyone’s session is unique and different – I’ll listen carefully to your problem and use the time we have together to structure a success plan for you, using all my training and expertise

Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis

HypnotherapyDuring the session, I might guide you into a nice, relaxed, comfortable state or trance.  But this doesn’t happen in every session that I have with my clients.  Sometimes we run out of time because we’re busy using other techniques that I feel will be more useful for you.  That’s why I often prefer to work in longer sessions so you can benefit from all the therapies.  And other times, if I feel you’ll be more relaxed doing this by yourself at home, I’ll give you one of my pre-recorded CDs or mp3s.

I’ll speak to you gently as you recline back in the chair and allow yourself to ‘switch off’.  These moments of relaxation are really useful because once the ‘chatter’ of the conscious mind is switched off, your subconscious mind will be able to absorb the new suggestions that I offer.

How Hypnotherapy works:

  • The conscious mind can think about the past, present and future – and it’s the bit that reminds you to make that phone call or buy a loaf of bread.
  • The subconscious mind is more like the motor or engine that drives you. Having been programmed from childhood by your environment and the experiences you’ve had, it stores all your habits and behaviours and acts like your personal automatic pilot.  This is the bit that we spend most of our daily lives using.
  • It’s possible to change the way that ‘auto-pilot’ reacts by getting you to simply imagine doing things differently.  Your imagination is very powerful – it’s possible to use it to your advantage and re-programme your mind more successfully.

NLP – Neuro-linguistic Programming

What is NLP?

  • I’m a real fan of NLP so most of my work centres around this.  The field of NLP also makes use of the imagination and relaxing hypnotic trances, but goes one step further. Changes can be made in the subconscious mind, simply by becoming aware of the unhelpful images, pictures and internal dialogue that flash through our minds each minute of the day.  Most of us are not even aware that this is happening.

How does NLP work?

  • The strategies and techniques of NLP help you to understand what makes you tick – how you think and make sense of the world. Once you’re aware of the ‘programming’ that lets you down, you can be taught how to create successful patterns of behaviour.

Thought Field Therapy (Tapping Therapy) – TFT

Relaxation techniqueWhat is Thought Field Therapy?

  • Thought Field Therapy, also known as TFT, is one of the original psycho-sensory therapies. It’s been discovered that memories that have emotions attached to them, can be changed by bringing in other senses (eg. touch) at exactly the same time that you’re recalling the memory or unwanted thought. You won’t forget or erase anything but you’ll be able to detach the thoughts from the physical feelings, leaving them behind.

How TFT works:

  • It’s been discovered that tapping (with your fingertips – there are no needles involved) a specific sequence of acupuncture points in the body, whilst at the same time thinking about a problem can effectively separate the connections of the thoughts and feelings for you. TFT is an easy-to-learn technique that draws upon Eastern traditions and the presence of energy in the body.

What problems can TFT solve?

  • TFT can be used to help with a number of situations – not only general stress and anxiety, but also specific phobias, lack of motivation and even the cravings related to eating, smoking and other unwanted habits.