Relax Now AudioRelax Now Audio

Experience feelings of deep relaxation and
eliminate stress.

Let go of the day-to-day stresses of life as you allow the words and gentle, relaxing music of this hypnotic recording wash over you.  Relax more easily and completely than perhaps you’ve ever been able to in the past.

Is stress ruining your life?
Have you forgotten what true relaxation feels like?
Would you like to have more energy and enthusiasm for life?

Research suggests that one in two of us will have problems with stress during our lifetimes and very often it can be difficult to detect. Like an invisible poisonous gas it can taint our lives, leaving a mark on our working and personal relationships. Our bodies start to suffer as insomnia, irritability, skin complaints, aches, pains and a lack of control around eating and drinking start to take over.

Struggles and challenges that we experience on a daily basis in our lives, become stored or imprinted in our subconscious minds and over time build up and start to impact on our bodies and everything we do in life. Experts tell us that simply relaxing the mind will have a beneficial effect on the body. ?However, most of us know only too well that trying to relax when life is busy and filled with deadlines, can be a struggle.

Release the pressure through the power of your mind.?Take the strain out of reducing stress levels, by doing nothing more than simply sitting back, closing your eyes and listening to this soothing hypnotic audio recording.

As the words and gentle, relaxing music wash over you, you’ll experience the benefits of relaxation more easily and completely than perhaps you’ve ever been able to in the past. Letting go of the day-to-day stresses of life will allow you to discover how quickly you can feel refreshed instead. Regular listening will not only help you to feel more at ease but also strengthen your ability to deal with the daily challenges of life.

PURCHASE Relax Now – Running time 18 minutes 12 seconds


A hypnotic audio recording to help you relax.

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alicia-eatonAlicia Eaton is a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and is also Licensed by The Society of NLP.  She is a recognised expert in the field and as well as running a successful practice in London’s Harley Street since 2004, she is also the author of “Fix Your Life with NLP” and “Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days”.