Change with hypnotherapyFeeling stuck?  Want to make changes but don’t quite know where to begin? Most of us can easily identify changes we’d like to see in our lives, but getting things to move forward to create that change can be a lot harder.

You can make the process easier for yourself by making a few other minor changes first.  This will help release the stranglehold, for just a change of routine is enough to confuse the ‘habit’ part of our mind, so it unlocks and springs into action.  Start seizing back control of your life by simply taking a few small steps. For example:


1.      Travel: Choose a different route to get yourself to work.

2.      Newspaper/magazine: Read a different one.

3.      Radio: Change station or start listening to the radio again.

4.      Food: Be adventurous and try something you’ve never eaten before.

5.      Toiletries: Change your regular brand of shampoo and shower gel.

6.      Sport/exercise: Try something new like yoga, tai chi or table tennis.

7.      Watch a live sports event: Choose any event and go and watch it.

8.      TV: Watch something you wouldn’t normally consider.

9.      Contact: Get in touch with a long-lost friend or relation.

10.    Shift: Sit in a different place from your usual one or move the furniture around.

11.    Charity work: Choose any local group and go and help out.

12.    Cinema: Go by yourself to watch a film.


Alicia Eaton is a Behavioural & Emotional Wellbeing Specialist based in London’s Harley Street. You can read more about her strategies for success in her latest book: “Fix Your Life…with NLP”. For more details see