Child therapyHypnotherapy and NLP for Children –
why it works so well

It might seem a bit strange to think about hypnotherapy and NLP for fixing children’s problems, but slipping into trance-like day-dreamy states is something that comes quite naturally to kids.  They have fantastic imaginations and find it easier to see their future selves as successful, happy individuals who’ve overcome problems.

They’re constantly having to visualise themselves behaving in new ways – whether it’s being able to swim backstroke, ride a bike without stabilisers, kick a football, read a more advanced book or write their names.

It’s the same for us adults.  Hairdressers have to visualise a hair style before starting to use the scissors to cut.  (I hope!)  We don’t start to mix the ingredients for a cake without having a picture of the end result in our minds.  When we get into our cars to drive, we’re visualising our destinations.  We do this all the time.  And mostly, children are better at doing it than we are.

So tapping into this ‘visualisation process’ is a safe and natural way to help children deal with problems.

As adults, we can be a bit more picky and choosy about which things to think and believe.  But young minds randomly absorb all sorts of ideas and beliefs that become ‘true’ to them.  That’s why it’s so easy to convince kids about made up stories of Father Christmas, Tooth Fairies and Easter Bunnies.

The problems start though, when some of these beliefs create unwanted habits and behaviours that are then impossible to shrug off.

A harmless encounter with a barking dog in the park, for example, can turn into a phobia of all dogs, making it impossible for you to visit the park again without hysterical screaming from your child.  Quite simply, the idea got too big in your child’s mind and it can be hard to shift.  It’s the thought process and pictures in your child’s mind that are the problem and not the dog in the park.

Many adult fears, phobias and habits develop as a result of the experiences encountered during childhood.  Perhaps you can think back to your own childhood and notice the links between experiences you had then and the fears you have now.

Boy at peace Hypnotherapy and NLP are ideal methods for treating many childhood problems, including:

fussy eating and food phobias / bedwetting / lack of confidence / performing on stage / thumb sucking, nail biting and hair pulling habits / exam stress / lack of concentration at school / general anxiety / fears and phobias.

Hypnotherapy and NLP coaching sessions for children are relaxed, light-hearted and fun. Sessions vary in length from one to two hours, depending on the age of your child and the distance you have travelled. Most children simply need one or two sessions to put them on the path to success.

My experience working with Children:

Before training to be a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP coach I had many years experience of working with children, and I’m also a mother to three, now grown-up children.

I’m a qualified AMI Montessori Teacher and I founded my own school in Hertfordshire – I was the Headteacher here for five years.  I then went on to work with families at the Anna Freud Centre in London alongside their child psychotherapists. At the same time I also studied Developmental Psychology at University College London as part of a Masters’ Programme.

I published ‘Stop Bedwetting in 7 days’ in 2009 and it has been widely praised and is now a best-seller. You can read more about my book here.

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